An analysis of the christian morality in the epic beowulf

However, earlier in the passage these same giants are referred to with reverence: "There came into the possession of the prince of the Danes, after the fall of devils, the work of wonder-smiths" 2.

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It is not until well into the medieval period that Christianity reaches full bloom and the quality of heroic arrogance falls into disrepute.

The concept of the tragic flaw of which Hrothgar warns Beowulf was first expounded by the Greek philosopher Aristotlewith Sophocles' Oedipus Rex as the ultimate example in Greek literature.

An analysis of the christian morality in the epic beowulf

Hrothgar tells Beowulf of a selfish king: "What he has long held seems to him too little, angry-hearted he covets, no plated rings does he give in mens honor, and then he forgets and regards not his destiny because of what God, Wielder of Heaven, has given him before, his portion of glories" 5. However the poem does, however, give us great insight into the cultural views and ideals of the Anglo-Saxon people who would have composed and told this tale. Hotei Publishing Some may believe the story of Beowulf portrays pagan beliefs or customs and others believe that the poem is more in agreement with Christian ethnicity. Although the man who put the poem down on paper, known as the Beowulf poet, was a devout Christian, the actual poem itself is pagan. It is true that Beowulf fights these monsters to help his tribe and the Danes, but he also does so for fame and glory and hopes to be remembered for such deeds, which is why, on his deathbed, he requests that a monument be erected to remember him and how great he was. When Beowulf was written, St. While this seems to be a major part of the story line, it can be removed and the story will only lose the background of Grendel's evil side. The story Beowulf depicted many virtues of the times.

It is also evident that because of the pagan occurrences in the story that the story was one of pagan origin and is now a story of christian origin. Beowulf offers a glimpse of a society struggling between two different paths, one path being the assimilation into the new Christian traditions and the other is the fast fading past of glorified warriors and family ties.

It has become evident that the original epic was pagan and had no mention of the biblical references or the christian morality that it contains now.

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Beowulf showed his honor as he traveled from his homeland to battle the vicious monster Grendel, who was terrorizing the Danes. The crusade of heaven and hell, the bloody war that waged between our hero Beowulf and the infamous Grendel and his mother. Many of the influences deal with what it going on in the world, when the piece is written. Beowulf himself embodies all of the qualities of a typical epic hero, and there are clear examples throughout the text. The reason that Grendel becomes outraged is that the bard in the mead hall is singing a song that has to do with creation. There are many clues in the epic that lead us to this conclusion such as the numerous references to pagan symbols, namely the symbol of fate. As such, certain Christian ideas and themes are easily recognized throughout the text. Beowulf's life ends because of the curse on the dragon's gold and causes the death of his family line.

ZYGOS es una an analysis of city manager clnica de reproduccin asistida creada para ayudarte a tener Debating oprah a paper on high school and its issues un an analysis of democracy government hijo, y cuidarte durante todo ese. Both Christianity and Paganism are both portrayed throughout the epic Beowulf.

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However, there is also a strong sense that God's protection must be earned; a warrior must first be true to his values, courage, honesty, pride, and humility and only then will he earn God's protection.

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An analysis of the christian morality in the epic beowulf