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His thesis on the creation of a blood bank, would revolutionize blood transfusion. For the final years of his life, Drew remained an active and highly regarded medical professional.

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There is an advantage to using plasma over whole blood in emergency situations because it: keeps longer without refrigeration won't deteriorate when agitated during transport can be used with any blood type is much less likely to transmit diseases can be injected through veins, muscles, the skin, and in large doses Drew worked with Scudder and E.

The program became a model for the Red Cross pilot program to mass-produce dried plasma in New York in Februarywith Drew as assistant director, and later for the National Blood Donor Service.

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He was featured in the United States Postal Service's Great Americans stamp series inand his name appears on educational institutions across the country. Educational Resources.

Charles drew thesis

Plasma is a clear, yellow liquid containing various proteins and electrolytes that carries blood cells and other substances through the body. He continued to serve as the chief surgeon at Freedmen's Hospital and a professor at Howard University. The following year, he did a surgery residence at Freedmen's Hospital in Washington, D. He became an instructor at Howard University's medical school in As the Reverend Jerry Moore said at Drew's funeral, Drew had "a life which crowds into a handful of years' significance, so great, men will never be able to forget it. His key findings, complex procedures, and standards for collecting, processing and storing blood proved his expertise and led to an appointment to head the Blood for Britain Project BFB , an effort to transport desperately needed blood and plasma to Great Britain, which was under attack by Germany. He is here in a basketball team. A final sample for bacteria-testing was taken before the containers were sealed and packed. The plasma was then pooled from a collection of eight bottles using an anti-contamination technique under strict air and ultraviolet lighting conditions, and samples were cultured for bacteria. Drew was only 45 years old at the time of his death, and it is remarkable how much he was able to accomplish in such a limited amount of time. He won a prize in neuroanatomy and was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha, a medical honor society. Ebony, February , pp. When the program ended in January , Blood for Britain collected 14, blood donations, and shipped via the Red Cross over 5, liters of plasma saline solution to England.

What is plasma? Charles Drew with the first mobile blood collecting unit, February Lichello, Robert.

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Dr Charles Drew, Inventor of the blood bank