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Comments like that must have really hurt Mum, but she never got upset in front of me. When I stood in front of the judges, hating every moment of their scrutiny, I knew I had to change my life.

According to William S.

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If you think the antics of these parents and kids who frequent the pageant arena is a rarity, however, think again. And so, one day I told my mom that I wanted to quit and preferred climbing trees. Share this.

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These pageants developed into the myriad children's pageants we know and tolerate today. Don't worry; it's interesting and involves a cameo by Thomas Edison, plus way more eugenics theory than you may have guessed In , The Cut interviewed six women who had once been pageant "stars," and their reports were mixed. I was an only child and she did it as a bit of fun, but after I won that first competition, the success spurred her to take me to more. Provocative clothing, dirty dance moves and makeup artistry that turns the face of a seven-year-old into that of a year-old are commonplace in the pageant world and soon become the norm instead of the exception. According to Robbie Meshell of Louisiana, who did over pageants between the ages of 3 and 7 and then 14 and 27, the pageant circuit was great. Better baby contests ended in the s , as did baby parades — the era's fears about the spread of polio made events where large groups of children congregated in public taboo. Post navigation. You know it! Of course, many little girls have loved Barbies and beautiful dolls, in general — and Shirley Temple started tap-dancing across stages long ago. At school, bullies made my life terrible. Think that sounds bad?

By the time the cost of pageant entry fees, travel and lodging expenses and the price of expensive designer dresses, spray tans, manicures, hair extensions and makeup application are tallied, many pageant moms report spending tens of thousands of dollars each year for their daughters to compete in pageants.

Unlike Little Miss America, which was free to enter and had no dress requirements or talent competition, these competitions mimicked adult pageantsoffering contestants the chance to compete in categories like "talent" and "party wear" the children's equivalent of evening wear, I assume, because children's evening wear generally consists of pajamas with some kind of giant, comical dog on them.

Some kids get Botox and other plastic surgery Shutterstock Why would a child want to erase their "wrinkles?

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Behind the scenes of the secret world of children's beauty pageants