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This garish, candy coloured cathedral is in fact Moscow's most visited tourist attraction. Also known as the Bahai House of Worship, the entire building consists of 27 structures that resemble petals of a Lotus flower and opens up to a central hall that is 40m high and can accommodate around people. Looking at the contemporary architecture of this iconic building one could say the museum itself is a work of art. There have been many royal weddings here over the years at least 16 and until the structure also had the status of cathedral. The palace also had to undergo extensive work after being bombed no less than nine times during World War II. Lotus Temple The Lotus Temple has become one of the most visited buildings in the world since its completion in It is quite an amazing sight! It became famous instantly and is now a natural historic landmark. It's located in Baku, Azerbaijan, and is one of the newer designs on this list, having been completed in While these questions go unanswered, all we are left to do is marvel at a culture who were master builders even before the invention of the wheel. However, due to several factors such as being burned down in riots and earthquakes, it had to be rebuilt numerous times since its initial construction. The city remains a top tourist destination, but the number of foreign visitors has fallen due to terrorism fears throughout Europe. It has also only recently been issued a proper permit for construction, and is expected to be finished in It took over from the Chrysler Building and held that distinction until when it was overtaken by the Sears now Willis Tower in Chicago.

In total, there are steps inside the tower leading to the top. His son, Lincoln, finished the sculpture later that year. Fantastic phones for capturing amazing buildings?

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When the Emperor died in , he was buried beside his wife inside the Taj Mahal. Construction of the BurjKhalifa began in the year and was completed six years later in Only one word comes to mind when you see this building: awesome! Robert Bruno, the sculptor, used tons of steel for this unique building. The unique design of the cathedral which looks like a piece straight out of a Disney movie was developed by PostnikYakolev and was built between the years and Made in Paris, this monument was a gift from France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. Every year millions of Muslims travel to the Kabba for the hajj, an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. But why? Construction began in and was completed three years later in , making it Western Europe's tallest building. Country of Origin: Italy. Our list of 20 monuments of the world is assembled in the attempt to bring you closer the historical and the modern traits of what makes the famous architecture. There is much debate between historians over which emperor and architects were responsible for the Pantheon's design although it is known that this 'Temple of the Gods' was built around AD.

The complex is the symbol of Cambodia and it found its place on the Cambodian national flag. Completed in it is constructed of several smaller structures held together by large steel beams and supports.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa — Pisa, Italy You can find it in the close vicinity of another iconic building, Hagia Sophia. Its construction was further resumed in the s and was finally completed in the year The design and shape of the Colosseum has been the inspiration for many modern day stadiums.

When the king died in the castle no longer served its intended purpose.

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His unique approach to the Art Nouveau movement generated some of the most creative buildings the world have ever seen.

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48 Iconic Buildings Around The World