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How does the writer get along with the other members of her family? What does each person -- Jill, Gerta, Beth, Chris, etc -- mean to the writer? Where else, besides drugs, could she have turned to solve her problems? In the book, the main character talks about how drugs make her feel more connected, both to other people and to the world that she lives in.

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A teen plunges into a downward spiral of addiction in this classic cautionary tale. Is there anyone who helps her go straight?

Not long after that Alice amassed a dependence on drugs, for example she was unable to last even a few days sober. Every time the main character has something important happen in her life -- a summer with her grandparents, her family's move, an invitation to a big party, etc -- she focuses on her weight and wardrobe. Is it good for her? After completing some training, you may be able to work at such a helpline. Why is the author so obsessed with death, and with what happens to bodies after they are buried? Do you think any of her actions are justified? Does she really believe all of these? Activities 1. Is her relationship with her mother unusual for a teenage girl?

What are some of these changes? Is she a good friend to each of them? Anonymity might not be a problem in open chatting rooms for example, but what about banking applications or email or even instant messaging.

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What are some of her other excuses? Go Ask Alice was written over 30 years ago -- is it still relevant today?

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Do you think any of her actions are justified? What causes her to feel so separated and different?

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