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She has been advising MBA applicants since What do your letter-writers need from you? Unfortunately you can't write your own recommendation letter for graduate school wouldn't be ethicalbut if you get started early during your senior year of college and stay focused and organized, you will find that you can substantially influence what goes into the letters your references write, and the ultimate strength of those letters.

We support him in this path unequivocally and look forward to his swift return. Though comparatively young for his role, Joe is mature, reliable and has strong interpersonal skills that propel the coverage teams he leads.

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A good set of letters will feature the client from professional, personal, and interpersonal standpoints. As such, he managed a team of 26 teachers, which grew to 55 teachers after one year. Overall, Joe is very thorough in his work and his confidence is central to the challenges he seeks.

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What contributes to a strong MBA recommendation letter?